Our winter look from Blair Eadie

Everyone is talking about Blair Eadie. And here’s why.


If you are looking for a cool winter look. Look no further than the cool, hip Blair Eadie. And man, finding her was just in time for us. Finding something to wear in the winter is a very real struggle for us. We just haven’t adjusted to winter. You know cold and snow. So, instead of figuring out a fashionable way to dress for winter, we hibernate in sweats, puffer vest, and Uggs; waiting it out until summer. Yuck. Just no fun.

Seriously, the struggle is real.

We need cool, fun, easy clothes for winter. AND…we want a playful style that we love all summer long for winter. Is that possible?

Yes.  Yes it is…

Say hello to Blair Eadie.

Our winter look from Blair Eadie

Her look is bold, colorful, feminine, affordable, and for ALL sizes. Yup, we slid it in there. But these looks are model cool but not just for the model figure or paycheck. We just might get excited about getting dressed this winter.

Ready to see some more looks?


Here are a few things we are picking up and a few more we think are just plain cool. Must have this, this and this sweater. Love these menswear blazers. Like this and this one. Or how about this sweet jacket with bow. Pair them all with a few skits and pants and you will be set. Like this, this, this , and this. What about a dress or two? Check out this and this.


Never thought a coat or sweater could be cool? Neither did we.




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