Our Blue Kitchen

It’s making us nervous but we have finalized our blue cabinets.

Normally color doesn’t scare us. Except when it comes to kitchens, we firmly believe you are truly lucky to be able to design a kitchen once. It’s not like painting walls and making a mistake. Or even wallpaper. Or a couch. All of those can be costly if you change your mind. But nothing like a kitchen. I mean, there is a reason why a nice white kitchen always is a good way to go.

Yet, despite all of those really compelling reasons…we just swoon over kitchens that do color and do it so well. One kitchen design company that always makes our heart skip a beat is DeVol Kitchen.

deVol Kitchen


Sherwin William Mt Etna
Sherwin William Mt. Etna
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Waterworks Julia Fauce
Our Blue Kitchen
Marble Subway Tile (floor to Ceiling on all walls and honed marble countertops with mitered edge)

We will not have upper cabinets but we will have open shelving on either side of the sink. Open shelving can be tricky because it can be messy and we definitely like our mess behind closed doors. Here are some items that allow you to style open shelves and yet offer function (glassware that can stack).

Although what we R E A L L Y love about open shelves in the kitchen is how easy it is to add art in the kitchen. This is something that will allow us to decorate and redecorate for many many years. Open shelves let you show off pretty things. And we love pretty things.

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