One Room Challenge Week 7: The Final Countdown…

It’s the final countdown! (are you singing that in your head?). And it’s Wednesday!!! Can you believe it? We can’t.

Let’s catch up! But first, let’s talk more about the One Room Challenge. The One Room Challenge is a biannual event started by Linda Weinstein as a forum for support and community where designers and guests take on a room and cheer each other along. Or…a full primary suite in our case. And yes, it’s a lot, but totally necessary. Be sure to see the other weeks to find out more about where we started, and read on to see where we are.

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Okay…let’s get talking. Before we forget, this post does include the mention of sponsored items from Milton and King, Kelly Moore Painting, Calico and Minted.

Bedroom and Closet

After watching the room come to a complete halt for two weeks due to contractors, and the holding pattern from the bathroom delays, this week is FULL of work…especially today! Since all trades are slammed with work, which included our drywallers, but they finally finished drywalling our bed nook, and the nightstand niches. They look so good! So, we’ve started painting.

And painting.

And painting.

Here are the two colors we are using in the room(s). We won’t share too much more since all will be revealed next week! But they look so good, and will be a surprise! Also, we chose a semi gloss finish. We always use semi gloss because of the sheen, which adds to the illumination of a space and it is a more modern finish.

Today is a BIG day

But today, we take a break because the electricians are here to finish install the lighting plan. We love a good lighting plan, and we’ve managed to create something that incorporated all types of layers of lighting. If you read last week’s post, you can learn more about it there.

We also have a drapery delivery today too. We are so lucky to have Calico as a sponsor for our room, and will be installing beautiful linen, lined, 1.5 width drapes on all of the windows. Rather than choose a pattern, we decided to use a neutral fabric, and they have a great quick ship, ready to go line of drapery for our room. This is something we cannot wait to install! Drapery adds a certain je ne said quoi to a room…a little added luxury and much needed texture and movement.

Screen Shot 2021 11 10 At 6.05.36 Am
Calico Corners Quick Ship Drapery

So, finish electrical is today, painting will pick back up when they leave. Hardwood floors will be installed tomorrow and throughout the weekend. Finish plumbing is installed on Friday, and all we will have to wait for will be the shower enclosure. Unfortunately, that will be a few weeks out, but everything will be useable!

What about the bathroom?

We actually made a last minute addition to our bathroom space and it was just delivered! Thank you to our friends at Milton and King for helping us fulfill our wallpaper order. We decided to really create a jewel box in our primary suite bathroom.

The bathroom was going to be originally tiled, but time did not allow for that to happen, so we went to plan B, then plan C, until we found this. This will be the missing piece in the space, and we did a quick little shot of our accessories, and it’s going to look good. The wallpaper has all of the colors of our downstairs in the print, and will tie the space together in a unique way.

Screen Shot 2021 11 10 At 6.01.20 Am
Bouquet by Milton and King

Anything else?

We would totally share more progress photos, but there are so many updates happening every single day, so stay tuned to our instagram. There will be updates all day until the reveal for you. Not a follower? Follow us here. In the meantime, we placed our art order from Minted, and cannot wait for that delivery this weekend. We know you will be surprised where we are installing our artwork! Here’s a peek…and if you aren’t sure where we are going with it, then you’ll have to see the reveal next week.

Screen Shot 2021 11 10 At 6.10.21 Am
Minted Regency Pastoral Collection

There is still have so much left to do in order to complete and wrap up our primary suite, but everything seems to be on track to completion. We will be busy styling the space this weekend, and everything has been delivered. We cannot wait to reveal it! In the meantime, check out what the other Featured Designers are up to.

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