One Room Challenge Week 6: Lesson in illumination

Illumination and why it’s so important.

Welcome back! It’s week 6! We are talking lighting and other updates in our One Room Challenge space.

If you’re new here, welcome and let’s catch you up. The One Room Challenge happens twice a year and was created to give designers and guest a place to design and cheer each other on and complete a space in their home. One Room Challenge is just that; a challenge to complete a space in six weeks (eight this year).

What are we working on? A primary suite. Bathroom, Bedroom and Dressing room.

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Still delayed, but moving forward…

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Current Shower Status

Are we still delayed? Yep! There are still delays? Yes! If you read last weeks posts then you know that we were in a major holding pattern. But…we slowly started to move forward. Inch by inch. Contractors started to come back, the tile has been installed in the bathroom, and we are moving forward.

There are two more weeks left until we reveal our space, and those two weeks will be BUSY! The past week was spent chasing down plumbing fixtures, begging contractors to come back, and pacing the halls. All of that pacing certainly helped! We managed to find substitutes for the pieces we needed, contractors started coming back, and we’ve received so many packages. So…so many deliveries!

It seems like it will all come together, but my oh my, the next two weeks will be quite FULL! So two weeks left, we might be able to finish our space.

First major delivery? Lighting

So, here’s a secret. In design school, I never really thought that lighting would be a class I enjoyed. It actually was one I took for granted the most. Yet, it is my absolute favorite change to make in a space. And in this space? The lighting has arrived! With an install date of November 10th.

Lighting can create the magic in a room. When we started creating this room, it started with a lighting plan, and finding THE statement light for the space.

Lighting Lesson!

There are four layers of light:

  1. Ambient: General light source. This is the overall source of light for a room.
  2. Task: Reading lights or other tabs and floor lamps to help illuminate a space for small tasks.
  3. Accent: Think art lights! Sconces, other bits of fun lighting.
  4. Sparkle: This is our favorite. A bit of sparkle creates the magic. Allows the light to reflect in the space. To create “sparkle” this could be part of the chandelier, or another light in the space.

Well…now that we’ve shared that with you, we’ve managed a way to incorporate all the layers of light into our space. But first, let’s talk about our ambient light that has the sparkle factor…

We are so lucky to receiving this amazing pendant from Blueprint lighting. It’s amazing, and just arrived yesterday. We may have to open the box to be sure it is just as perfect as we think. It’s modern, it’s architectural, and it’s the perfect statement piece in this room.

One of the things we had to do we add a lot of electrical to the room. Our home was built in the 1950s and is lacking in light sources. In fact, there was no center light box, and only a switch that controlled a plug on the side of the bed. Many times, we find that builders don’t really consider where the light sources are located, and they just buy standard lighting found at a home repair shop.

We don’t. Every room we’ve designed, for ourselves and clients, includes the many points of illumination, and this room was no different.

Other Updates?

Next week, we will have so much more to update you all on. As we’ve said before, we have been in a weird holding pattern, but this week/weekend there will be so much movement, so be sure to follow along. Wallpaper will be installed, our super fun flooring project begins next Monday, and we should have an update on our lighting install!

Until then, consider the lighting in your own home. Does if follow the four “rules” of illumination? Do you have all four areas covered? If not, we should talk…

Otherwise, follow our other featured designers, they are sure to sharing some amazing updates on their rooms.

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