One Room Challenge: Week 5

It’s Week 5!

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What does that mean?

Well, it means that next week our dining room project should be ready for reveal! Can you believe it? We are racing to the finish line, especially since we jumped to the start line 3 weeks behind everyone else! Either way, you can read about that here, see our inspiration post, check out the amazing wallpaper we installed, and get caught up!

So here we are now…with a wallpapered room, rug found. Dining table found. Light fixture found AND installed. However there are a few missing pieces, AND we need to get the table set JUST right for our reveal day.

Luckily for us…we have some amazing relationships with other tradespeople in our field. Number One? Our paper hangers. Number Two? Our drapery workroom! Yes! We sent out a ridiculously early morning SOS to our friend via Facebook messenger, to get a reply that they would come out as soon as the fabric arrived, measure, and turn around our drapery panels (there’s only 1 window!) by next week! She’s coming out today.

Phew! Well, fingers crossed.

Either way, this goes to show that we work really hard to build up our relationships with other people in the trade. How? Well, they come through for you in a pinch. We have known Kate of JR Langley for 10+ years, and it is so good to know that good relationships will CYA if you need it. Many times we are asked why you should hire an interior designer? This alone is worth its weight in gold…but that’s a whole other discussion.

Now…let’s talk drapery panels.

Here is a post we did a while back begging you NOT to buy Target curtains. Why? In sum, they’re usually too short…and not wide enough. Um…what does that mean? Well, when you are able to have professionally designed and made drapery/curtain panels, the way to make them look fuller is to have them 1.5 wide.


We need to do a little explanation of fabric widths. Decorator fabrics often come 54″ wide as it rolls off the bolt. It can vary from 50″ up to 58″, and some fabrics, especially sheers, can some in double width at 108″ wide.  BUT…the standard in the U.S. is 54″.  So, if you think about a regular size window which is 30″-36″ wide, one width of fabric is only 20 or so inches wider than the window. For instance, standard store bought single width drapery panels are usually 48″ wide – which is a 54″ wide piece of fabric, less 2″ of seams on each side. Making a 48″ panel, the standard  width size for store bought panels, isn’t much wider than a standard single window. And that’s pulled straight, which isn’t very pretty.

That’s the base of all of this…pulled straight, those store bought panels aren’t going to look very pretty.

If you really want to know what’s the secret sauce to designer drapery panels, or window treatments…it’s all in the amount used, fullness in using a lining, the layering of fabric AND blinds.

Generally, designer quality drapery treatments are at least 1.5 widths per panel (72″ finished width) or 2 widths (98″ finished width). But for smaller windows and especially ones that butt against a wall, a single width is fine. These panels are also lined, which adds bulk to their shape. If they were unlined, they’d look very small on the window. For extra fullness, custom panels can also be interlined. I don’t draw my curtains closed and have the sheers layered underneath to soften the view of the street. There are also blinds for use at night.

So, there it is…that’s what’s happening for us today. By the way, have you seen the fabric? It’s delish! A perfectly executed stripe. A beautifully contrasting, geometric pattern to play with the gorgeous Lotus Garden wallpaper. Did you know that by adding this stripe to our walls we’ve majorly streamlined and made the space more modern, yet classic?

We did.

One Room Challenge Week 5
This Schumacher beauty…

Now, how are we accessorizing?

One Room Challenge Week 5

So, what else…what else.

Well, working with our remaining *budget*…which feels like the last $20, we are getting ready to set the table. AND still waiting on our chairs to arrive for delivery…ugh. But, back to setting the table! Fortunately for us, we have a lot of personal resources to turn to (we are random dishware and tableware hoarders…shhhhh…don’t tell!), so the last few dollars we spent on this flatware.

One Room Challenge Week 5

And the rest? Well, here’s the inspiration for our table settings…and a little shopping for you to get your own look…complete with the jute chargers we have already.

One Room Challenge Week 5

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