One Room Challenge: Week 4

Week 4: Let’s label this one Dream vs. Reality

One Room Challenge Week 4

If you’ve been following along, you know that we just jumped right in on our dining room last week. Last Monday, to be exact.

It all started with a simple email: We can come tomorrow and put up that wallpaper in the dining room. Ummm…a call we were super excited to get, but weren’t ready for…like until end of next month. So, we got our act together.

We only got our act together so much so, that we totally forgot to update and upload our inspiration board for the space. Remember the before?

One Room Challenge Week 4
Plain, and just “okay.”

Well now? Now we’ve got something AMAZING to work with. We literally walk past this room all day, every day and say: OMG, this room is just too good…

For real.

Well, we are experts when it comes to hunting for great finds and we found a few amazing deals on vintage (read: well worn/loved) heriz rugs, these great wicker chairs (from Amazon AND Walmart!), and finally a table…

We knew that we wanted a round table, and we really, REALLY wanted a Dunes & Duchess custom table, but you know…budgets. Our budget has been a bit limited (especially since we put up this work of art on the walls), however we’ve really hit the jackpot by finding these great items: the rug AND round table (it’s a 60″ round which seats 8 comfortably, and 10 would be snug). Either way, we are totally digging the vibe here. And don’t worry, we will give you the budget when we end the project too…

One Room Challenge Week 4
Design Hubby to the rescue.

Sometimes, you just can’t get the dream…BUT…it doesn’t mean you sacrifice and don’t make a go for it. Week 4 of the ORC has been just that: making a go for it. We’ve set our sights on finishing this room, and it’s totally setting the stage for the remainder of the first floor renovation (to be completed late spring 2020). And sometimes, you need to know where to spend? Like the wallpaper. And where to save…like the rug.

Now, what are we going to put up on those walls!??? Stay tuned…because we are having a hard time figuring out how to make this space EXTRA special…and don’t you know…I contacted one of our local soft furnishings vendors and it looks like we will have some extra special drapery installed *just in time* for the conclusion of these 6 weeks!

Now just to be extra…here’s what I picture myself wearing here as we entertain in this space this holiday season:

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