One Room Challenge: Week 3

Oh hey there, it’s week 3 of the One Room Challenge!

And happily the whole reason we were late with our posts has now been completed. Just in time for week 3.

The wallpaper.

As you know, if you’ve been following along, we almost didn’t do this challenge. Our wallpaper installers had a family emergency and could not commit to the dates that we needed for the challenge. Fortunately for us, they called at the last possible date and could show up the following morning. Our response? Oh heck yes, when you get someone who will install wallpaper (a dying art), you go for it.

We are a bit apprehensive to disclose the name of the company that we use for our wallpaper installation, for fear that we will lose them from all of you searching high and low for installers…yet, it’s the right thing to do. Like they say, you find someone you like to do business with, don’t keep them a secret.

Click here for the best wallpaper installer.

Want to know our how we made a mistake into a magic?

Here’s a little story about a last minute snafu, that WE turned into magic. It has to do with the area under the chair rail.

When we first planned the project we had another wallpaper selected for that area. And the price was, well? Just way too much, and to be honest it just wasn’t going to be the star, especially when you look at the upper portion. So there was no justifying that amount of money.

We had been considering painting that portion of the wall, selecting a color from the wallpaper. Probably a blue-green hue. Yet, we honestly never got around to doing it, especially once we heard the wallpaper wouldn’t be able to be installed until sometime in November.

Enter the phone call from the installer on Sunday night explaining they could be there in the morning. Oops!

Fortunately, we usually have a few projects going at the same time. And we just *happened* to have a few rolls of grasscloth paper. We that we thought it was peel and stick with plans to cover an old bookcase…well, long story longer, the grasscloth was NOT peel and stick, so we were not really jeeped to use paste on the furniture.

Hmmm, watch us as we pull a rabbit out of our hat…

Would the grasscloth be the perfect look under the chair rail? Oh yes, it was! Better than anything else we had ever discussed doing. Lemonade out of lemons? Nah, more like a Lemontini baby.

Cheers! Next up: Week 4

Oh and here is the grasscloth if you’d like to use it. It was only $52.00 a roll!

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