One Room Challenge Week 3

It’s Wednesday! It’s another wee of the One Room Challenge, and today we are talking floors, walls and ceiling plans.

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Real quick…the One Room Challenge is a biannual, six week challenge (although we are having an 8 week challenge due to ongoing COVID challenges) where you transform a space. There are 20 featured designers (like us!), and 100s more that blog, and post their room challenges to follow.

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Did you get caught up? Awesome.

Before we continue, we have to give a few shout outs. We’ve been gifted some lovely products as we work to complete our room. Here are some of those that have gifted us products that we will be mentioned in this post.

Milton and KingCalico / Kelly Moore Paints

Now, this week, we’re going to talk walls and floors in both spaces. Like most rooms, these are going to play key roles in our spaces.

Bedroom Walls and Floors

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Creating an alcove for the bed.

First up, the bedroom. For the bedroom walls, the goal was clear; simple, classic, timeless. Many times we choose something bold, and pattern-filled, however for this primary bedroom escape, we went neutral and monochromatic…with a few pops of red.

But creating a beautiful space was not exactly the hard part. What was and is the most challenging, is the actual space itself. Nothing is symmetrical, and we currently only have about 14″ to walk between the bed and bathroom. The bathroom is super small and “economical,” and the bedroom is modest. What isn’t modest are the two oversized closets in this space. If you’ve followed our instagram stories, you know what we are talking about!

Aside from layout issues, we actually had to take down some walls, and build some new ones. This was also limited to the fact that half of the space has access through a crawl space, and the other half? Well, that’s slab on grade. So, time to get creative.

This week we have finally wrapped up the framing, our rough electrical has been completed, and time to discuss the pretty things: wallpaper and paint.

We created several different designs, but we settled on this wall mural by Milton & King. Milton & King has so many great prints to choose from, but we loved the beautiful mural we selected. We’ve been really excited to install a mural in the home, and this one just seemed right for a primary bedroom. Plus, it really creates a bit of movement and depth for a monochromatic space.

The other walls in the room, are going to be painted to match the background color of this mural. We are so lucky to work with Kelly Moore paints and their extensive selections. We always choose a semi-gloss paint for our surfaces because we love the way the light reflects off the surfaces, and adds a little more shine.

We’ve also settled on some beautiful linen drapes from Calico for the space too. We are going with their Quick Ship drapery in a cream linen to add a little texture and softness to the room. We like to go with the 1.5 wide panel to appear fuller in our rooms too. Drapery is an often forgotten detail when it comes to designing a room, and it can immediately become more elegant.

Bedroom Floors

We LOVE the floors in this space. They feel as though they’ve been here forever, however we had to add more to the space. Since this isn’t a standard size, or color, we had to buy from a different batch to add into the closet space. In order to make the color match, we’ve decided to paint them. Painted floors are a great way to unify uneven flooring in a space. We’ve even painted tile floors too!

The current debate is stripes or a checkerboard pattern. I’m thinking a brown and black checkerboard pattern would be nice. We will also add a rug to the space too.

We are so fortunate to receive an amazing rug from Loloi. This is what we chose, and while it isn’t monochromatic, it compliments the room beautifully. And it also will bring the influence from the rest of the house into this room too. We have many beautifully colored rugs in all the rooms, and here will be another one.

The Bathroom…

Img 9997

The better part of the past week has been spent pacing the halls, waiting for the bathroom space to take shape…and finally it has. We’ve finally settled on the tile, and we’ve finally finished framing in the space. Just yesterday, the room was fully of electricians doing the rough electrical.

We’ve debated how we were going to tile this space, and have since decided to go classic. Classic carrera marble on the walls, and floors will define the space, however, the styling is where it will stand out. Stay tuned next week on the changes we’ve made there.

See you next Wednesday in the same place and in the interim, check out the other featured designers who are up to nothing but good things!

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