One Room Challenge: Week 2

It’s week 2 of the challenge.

Before we show you what we have done…

We MUST remind you all that as far as the posts are concerned, we are playing catch-up.

We weren’t really sure if we could participate this year. In fact, we thought we would have to throw in the towel (like many years before, but that’s a whole other post). BUT…when we heard our wallpaper installer had to reschedule (real life, folks!) we just couldn’t figure out a way to complete this challenge W I T H O U T wallpaper. Heavens no! That just wouldn’t be impeccable.

HOWEVER..we received a glorious phone call…from our installers. They could install the paper in our dining room on Monday.

Yes, Monday…October 14th!

After getting this surprise call that we would be getting our wallpaper installed, we decided to launch our posts on our progress. Why? To catch us up with the rest of the ORC guest designers.

As you know, we decided to do our dining room (see Week 1 post, if you missed the before photos). For sure, go to Week 1 post for all the why, what and how answer about the One Room Challenge.

Now, let’s get the show on the road and show you what we have in mind for our new dining room. Here is our mood board and some design selections. And yes, the wallpaper was the inspiration, of course.

One Room Challenge: Week 2
Schumacher Lotus Garden wallpaper
One Room Challenge: Week 2
Nothing plain about this gorgeous stripe by Tim Corrigan.
We will use this Schumacher fabric for our curtains.

Be sure to check back for week 3, it’s all dream vs. reality.

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