One Room Challenge Week 5: Holding Patterns

Here we are…week 5, and we’ve been locked into some holding patterns.

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Delays galore. Whether it has to do with contractors and trades, or shipping and receiving. It’s been a series of holding patterns.

But wait, let’s talk about the One Room Challenge and catch you up! The One Room Challenge happens twice a year and was created to give designers and guests a place to design and cheer each other on. This isn’t a design competition, but rather a reason to fully complete a room in your home. We’ve choosen to renovate our first floor primary suite, that belongs to my grandfather: Gpa. A typical ORC is completed in 6 weeks, although we’ve been allowed 8 weeks to complete our spaces thanks to COVID.

Here’s a recap over our room challenge.

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Contractors and tradespeople

Last week, we shared our demo. It was fun, and exciting, and this week the project has pretty much stalled. It’s been in such a holding pattern, we’ve seriously wondered if we would ever get moving again.


Due to some quick thinking, we were able to “reroute.” I’m not sure how many of you know about this, but reroute is Emma’s favorite word. In fact, it’s what she does all the time in an attempt to keep a project moving forward. So, to keep our first floor suite moving forward, we called in reinforcements: drywallers and a paperhanger.

Why? Well, last week, we had demo’d our space, started framing up some of the walls, and then the real delays began: our rough in for plumbing wasn’t finished. It was stalled: Day 1 they ran out of time; Day 2, the plumber threw his back out!

What!!! Thankfully, we waited the weekend, and they finished our rough in on Monday afternoon.

This was only after we had to scramble to find the plumbing fixtures for the rough. Needless to say, that was…rough. But it happened and the train is back on track!

Obviously our concern is primarily with the bathroom, not the bedroom. And that’s really due to the drywallers. They were able to start closing in our walls, the bed nook, and niches right away. And now we are literally watching “mud” dry…not paint.

Screen Shot 2021 10 26 At 6.23.20 Pm

We aren’t panicking…yet

We really should start panicking…but for some reason, here are two truths:

  1. It always works out.
  2. It HAS to work out…we have a deadline!

And the third…we really have to get this figured out in the next…very near future because Gpa is sleeping out in the pool house, which has to be winterized in the next three weeks. And, it’s getting really cold in New Hampshire, and there is no heat in that back bedroom right now. So we are literally up against a deadline beyond shipping delays!

The bathroom has seriously delayed everything, our original plumbing fixtures aren’t going to make it in time, but we found an alternative, and we can’t close it all up (except it happened today!) until these pieces were completed. It looks like we will have more to add next week. Stay tuned!

Let’s talk decorating…

Impeccable Nest Moodboard

Even if there were some serious holding patterns we’ve been in, when it comes to some of the BIG TICKET items for our space, we’ve been lucky…and that includes a very last minute addition! Thank goodness we aren’t really feeling the delays here.

We have received our rug from Loloi last week, and it’s still in the box, but we cannot WAIT to open it up, and lay it out. It is going to be perfect. Loloi has such an extensive collection we were able to choose from, and this is what we went with! It’s going to be great.

Also, we received a phone call today about our bed, and bed frame! Well, this is super exciting because it’s being delivered THIS THURSDAY!!!! We have partnered with Saatva to help us with our project. In fact, the design hubby were already planning to replace our bed with one of their hybrid mattresses, but it looks like Gpa is first! We have chosen a more neutral bedframe (the linen Santorini bed), but neutral is perfect. It’s going to look amazing in the nook we created, especially next to the niches we’ve added instead of nightstands.

One last minute change…

We’ve done it.

We decided to wallpaper the bathroom for our One Room Challenge space. It’s so good…we are choosing Bouquet by Milton and King to fill the primary bath. Due to all of the delays, we have had to “reroute,” and due to all of the holding patterns, we’ve had to choose different directions.

Screen Shot 2021 10 27 At 5.56.48 Am

But…won’t this look good? We know it will. Stay tuned until next week! We think there will be so much change….and in the mean time, check out what the other featured designers are working on!

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