One Room Challenge Week 4: Demo Day!

Happy Wednesday! Welcome to demo day.

We are back, and are sharing our demo…it’s been quite a challenge, but we are getting to the other side of this One Room Challenge.

If you are new here, the  One Room Challenge is a biannual event started by Linda Weinstein as a forum for support and community where designers and guest take on a room and cheer each other along. Or a couple rooms…like what we are renovating…and that’s because we are renovating a primary bedroom space: bedroom, closet, and bathroom!

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Let’s check out the demo…

Bedroom Demo

We started here before we moved on to the bathroom. Actually, we started with the removal of the plaster walls in the closet. You see, behind the wall (that you see coming down in the video) is a huge closet. So big…and we actually removed a full wall of storage because we needed to give some of the space to the bedroom space.

Why? Well, the bedroom itself was really tight. It was around 14″ between the edge of the bed to the corner of the original bathroom. Some questions we’ve been asked:

Why didn’t you move the bathroom?

We did consider this, but the closet is a slab on grade, and the bedroom/bathroom is above a 4′ crawl space. So, for budget reasons, and being realistic, we kept the bathroom where it was, and expanded into a closet space next to it.

Why not take more of the closet over?

Good question. We thought we would, however that closet was another addition and it wasn’t in the budget to hide a beam and rework the ceiling loads because we decided to invest in our heating and AC system in this space instead.

How did you decide to add more space?

The smartest way: adding a bed niche with inset night stands! It is genius!!! My mom, Kim and design partner, came up with this idea as we were going through all the building issues we kept stumbling over. This adds around 3.5′-4′ of walking space between the bed and bathroom, and we doubled the size of the bathroom too.

Bathroom Demo

This space has seen the biggest impact and is receiving a MAJOR facelift. Remember this:

Screen Shot 2021 09 28 At 3.15.17 Pm

Well, it is looking sooo much better and it is so exciting to see it come together. Seriously! Few things made us happier than taking it all apart. Could we swap a couple things out? Sure, in fact someone must have done that before us, but there is only so much lipstick we can add to a pig…this needed a major makeover.

We have called in a contractor to help us on our way to complete this renovation, and he’s been such a help. Between our plumbers, electricians, contractor and ON TIME deliveries, we just might make it all happen and come together.

Sure, we could have pretended we are real DIYers, but we aren’t, so we called in the professionals to help us complete our project. We don’t mind doing a few things…and Gpa has been super helpful, but sometimes it pays to have someone that does this more often than we do to complete the job.

Don’t worry, we enjoy a good demo day though…

Let’s talk about budget…

Like everyone else, we have a budget, and we have limited time so we’ve had to see where we’ve had to spend and where we could save. Thankfully, we’ve budgeted for some help: plumber, electrician, contractor and now a drywall team.

There’s that old saying about how you can have a project done fast, cheap, or well and never all three at once. Well, we need to be honest on what we could do, so we’ve decided to have it done fast and well done.

For most projects, we begin with an idea, then it evolves, and from there we work out a budget. If we can’t make it happen right away, we have to make other considerations, but for this project, we knew this space would be renovated.

Demo Day Thoughts…

Well, we took it all to the studs. We had to…plaster walls, wire mesh, and we also had a good deal of rot on the sub floors had to all be replaced, and reconsidered. However, we are in a much better place now, the plumbers have completed their rough in, electricians have completed their rough, and tomorrow it will all be dry walled. You know what comes next? The good stuff…time to paper and paint! Can’t wait for next week.

Should be a “fun” experience and I can’t wait to share more progress with you next week! In the mean time, check out what the other Feature Designers are up to! You won’t regret it

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