OIN/Week 2 One Room Challenge: Simone by Midnight House

Have you heard of Midnight House?

Screen Shot 2021 05 11 At 8.07.33 Am

Well, it’s Jordan Ferney’s newest creation…a line of wallpaper starting with a beautiful mural. Named after her daughter, and drawn by her most talented, artist husband: Paul Ferney. The mural he painted in their rental is BEYOND. And such a great space for creativity and inspiration to help us create a beautiful space for the girls.

Well, we couldn’t help be totally smitten by this gorgeous mural. Full of color and beauty, my mom encouraged me to take a look and get a sample. We’ve been constantly dreaming up walls where we could install a mural. Well, I whipped up a little mood board on how dreamy it would be in a little girls room. While, we will be deviating from this a bit…it will fill somewhat familiar during the reveal.

Screen Shot 2021 05 13 At 8.24.47 Am
Girls Room Moodboard

So, here’s what we’ve done…

It looks so good!

Screen Shot 2021 05 13 At 8.39.04 Am

  1. Remember we are doing this as part of the One Room Challenge. Have you seen our first post in our room transformation? Be sure to check out the hundreds of others that are doing this too.
  2. Murals. Do it. Be sure to have one up in your home. They’re seriously transformative. You won’t regret adding one to your home, and could even consider doing it yourself! I did! We almost went with this one, but ended up with Simone by Midnight House...available at Furbish Studio. Check out our instagram for the details.
  3. Here’s some fun coveralls that will help you get your DIY on. I need a pair!
  4. It is so fun dreaming up new design schemes for little girls rooms. Something they can grow into, and something that works with the rest of the house. This, this and this will work perfectly here.
  5. Now, we are only focusing on the walls here, but lighting will need to be considered. And you saw the ceiling fan too…we use it, and will not replace it. However, isn’t this light great? We’ve been looking to use it somewhere.
  6. There’s so much work to do, but…it’s getting there. Next week we are tackling the floors AND ceiling. Time to remember the fifth and sixth planes! Until then…

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