Ohio Pickers

One last Ohio post.

How could we go all the way to Ohio and not do some picking. Sure we had a heck of a lot of ice cream to consume but there is always time for flea markets. You never know where you’ll find you next big must have. It doesn’t matter what style of design we always try to use a piece of vintage, salvage, architectural, objet d’art. The patina, one of a kind, uniqueness you just can’t find at any big box home decor store. Don’t worry about it being “too country” looking or too cluttered. It is all about the application. One fab find is all you may need to make your space come to life and make your guests and even more so YOU say “that’s so cool”. We find inspiration.

Img 2709


We picked up these items to maybe use on bookshelves or tabletops. Unusual and full of personality.

Img 2712
Now wouldn’t this look awesome as a backsplash with tile surround over a range?
Img 2718
These are so hot right now. Bar set up?
Img 2711
Nursery room decor?
Img 2697
Bathroom accessories to hold cotton balls and ear swabs.


And art, you always need art. You never know what you will discover.


Isn’t this all fun. We can’t wait to find the right spot for each and every item.

The best part as always is the hunt.

Thank you Ohio it’s been a slice.

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