Off to try Shake Shack’s Prosecco milkshake.

I guess their Shake Shack milk shake really DOES bring all the boys to the yard…

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That’s right folks, Shake Shack has created something amazeballs.  Two milkshakes that celebrate the return of  Will & Grace.  And it ends this weekend!!!!   Were you a fan?  I totally was, in fact while in college, my friends referred to me as Karen.  Why?  A dirty martini was always in my hand, and a zinger at the ready.

But, back to the milkshakes…

The Will & Grace milkshake is  cinnamon and marshmallow frozen custard with fudge and whipped cream.  Doesn’t that sound delish?  The Jack & Karen milkshake is  strawberry frozen custard, with a splash of Prosecco, whipped cream and rainbow sprinkles.  AHHHH!!!  CANNOT WAIT!  AND…Proceeds from these limited sweet goodies go to GLAAD.  Let’s do this.


We love it when some of our favorites come together for a great cause.  Ice Cream, Bubbles and a donation to GLAAD?  Sign us up!  We are there.

Oh yea, don’t ask Karen if she likes her prosecco concoction, “Honey, I’d suck the alcohol from a stick of deodorant. So you’re asking the wrong gal.”

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We’ll try them both and let you know.  See you on the Upper West Side this weekend.


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