Rainbows, sprinkles, wonder woman, and unicorn birthday cake.

It’s Odette’s birthday

It's Odette's birthday

and she wants a rainbow, sprinkles, wonder woman, and unicorn birthday cake.

She hasn’t let one of those items fall from the list of what she wants on her cake. So before she adds anything else, we are trying to make this birthday cake a reality.

This sweet little girl is turning 4 this weekend, and we couldn’t be more excited.  I feel so honored to be her momma.  She is full of creativity, life, excitement and imagination.  Which is why we work to make her cake dreams come true.  We aren’t sure what people do in their houses for birthdays, but we celebrate with a special family event, lunch/dinner and a cake.  Yes, an exciting birthday cake.  Hence the reason for her amazing and special request.

Here is where we are pulling inspiration from:

Isn’t the birthday cake a real tribute to the birthday girl?  We think so, which is why we do our best to make it as special as possible.  To be honest, all of these things, rainbows, sprinkles, wonder woman, and unicorns, perfectly describe Odette.  So, cheers to our sweet girl, may your day be filled with sprinkles, unicorns, rainbows and wonder woman.  We believe that you are all of those things.  Thank you for giving us that.

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