Top 10 places to see and do in family friendly NYC.

**This post was written and scheduled last month, pre-lockdown/shelter in place orders. We LOVE NYC, and cannot wait to go back for a visit, but please note, we wrote this before COVID-19 was an actual threat**

Yes, we think the city that doesn’t sleep should really be called family friendly NYC.

So much so, that when we think about where to go for one of their birthdays, NYC always makes the list.

Happy Birthday Prudence.1

Prudence turns seven this year and this is where she wants to go, again. We were so fortunate when she turned 3, 4 AND 5 to celebrate in NYC because it was a visit with my sister. So she kinda thinks that is her special place to have a birthday. And in case you didn’t know, there is always somewhere to go and ALWAYS something to see and do.

Here are some places she likes to go (plus, some of our favorite places too!)

American Museum of Natural History:

Between feeling like we are living in the movie “Night at the Museum” to walking through a butterfly forest, we love spending time there. It’s even better during the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade balloons are being blown up. It’s a secret entrance.

Alices Tea Cup:

Perhaps the best place to celebrate a little girls birthday (or big kids birthday too!). Between the darling paintings on the walls, to the fairy wings for the kids, people of all ages and sizes will enjoy the confections and environment.

The Plaza:

Because why not!!! Who doesn’t want to enjoy some of the most scrumptious treats in their basement? I mean, the multi layered crepe cakes are amazing…but what makes is even more special is that this is the place where Eloise lived. And what little girls hasn’t read the Eloise books?

The Color Factory:

Our absolute FAVORITE PLACE TO GO WITH KIDS! Jordan Ferney and the rest of the people associated with The Color Factory have nailed it. It’s perfection on so many levels, and worth the ticket price. Be sure to put aside at least 2 hours to fully enjoy every moment.

Sloomoo Institute:

Oh man….they had us at slime…and being slimed on…or make your own slime. Anyone else have a kid that’s obsessed? We love it…the kids love it…and it’s worth having a “You Can’t Do That on Television” moment.

The High Line:

The first time we walked the High Line, Prudence was probably 6 months old, and tasted her first popsicle. Between the food, flowers, and skywalk through the streets of NYC, it’s an adventure that cannot be missed…for kids of all ages.

Central Park:

Ahhhhh….simply, the best. Between stopping by Central Park Zoon, walking through Strawberry Fields, or visiting the Alice in Wonderland sculpture, there’s nothing better. We always love walking past the beautiful stone landscape…they remind us of whales. Or Dinner/Lunch/Appies/Drinks at Tavern on the Green, it’s perfection. Plus, we have the sweetest memories of teaching our kids to scooter through the park.

Parm (Our Favorite Family Restaurant):

Probably the best for three reasons. First, the food is delish. Chicken parm dinner with spicy rotini pasta…yes! They have a pretty good wine selection, Italian Beers and Diet Coke (in a can!) Second, it’s kid friendly! Have no fear…it’s loud, it’s fun, and kids will eat what they have. Third, we’ve spent a few birthdays there…it’s just perfect.

NYC Guide

Museum of Ice Cream:

Say no more. Another museum…dedicated to all the fun stuff of kids dreams, including a sprinkle pool to “swim” in. The best. We love the color blocking and beautiful attention to detail. And nothing beats hearing the squeals of people having fun!

American Girl Doll Store:

This is where we will be celebrating a sweet girls, 7th birthday this year. She’s been so excited, and talking about this for months…and what she wants to buy. She eager to have a birthday party with her sister, brother, and baby cousin Daisy by her side as we celebrate there. Plus, as promised, she will finally get a bitty baby.

We cannot wait to go to NYC and enjoy everything it has to offer. In fact, rumor has it we will be there the same weekend as a really cool art show. Ahhhh…spring in the city, doesn’t get better than that.

PS. Here’s some fun things we are getting for our girl for her birthday (and an outfit or two for us to wander around the city too!).

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