Nutcrackers on Display

What’s more classic than Nutcrackers during the holidays?

Honestly? Not a whole lot.

Here’s a few of our favorite things to bring that classic feeling to your home this holiday season.

  1. Nutcrackers are to the holiday season as plaid is to the English countryside. This will certainly give you all the feels this December.
  2. This too…in fact, we would be lost without this.
  3. Anyone else seltzer/topo chico/La Croix obsessed? We spend so much every week on canned waters, so we finally decided to purchase this. It’s sleek. It’s good looking. And it (should) save us a lot of money, and recycling this upcoming year! (Well, fingers crossed!)
  4. Since we hope to finish our kitchen renovation this year (ugh….longest kitchen renovation…EVER!), we could really use this to keep our sanity. And this too.
  5. Actually, this wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t include a few vintage nutcracker finds. Etsy is our favorite place to source vintage finds…especially since we are still staying home and staying safe!
  6. We just bought one of these for my sister! She wants to start a holiday tradition of receiving a Nutcracker for the season. I remember this was something we were gifted as a family from distant relatives too. Anyone starting or celebrating traditions like this?
  7. We are wishing you and yours a wonderful holiday season…regardless of what you celebrate. It’s a great time to be with family, start a tradition, celebrate traditions, and slow down.
  8. If all else fails, you find yourself searching for something more than what we’ve posted, don’t forget to be our bestie…or better yet, book a consult with us in 2021. Cheers friends!

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