No shoes in the house

No Shoes In The House.1.

Are you a no shoes household?
It is a growing trend in American yet many countries like Asian and Scandinavian countries it is commonplace. Yet who wants to walk around in your socks or bare feet. I mean you probably picked those shoes to go with that specific outfit. Or worse you forgot about that hole in your sock or your yet to be manicured hooves are out on display. YUCK!

All of you Sex and the City fans have got to remember the episode where Carrie was asked to remove her Manolo Blanik’s at a party. She was most unhappy to walk around without her outfit’s essential accessory.

OK let’s at least look at the benefits of a no shoe policy.
1. Shoes track in dirt, bacteria, and toxins more than bare feet.
2. Bare feet cause less wear and tear than shoes on your carpets and floors.
3. It is good for feet to breathe rather than being smothered all day in shoes.

Pretty compelling yet what about the Carrie Bradshaw factor.

Boy, do we have a great shoe for you.
The Muhabis

A simple handsomely designed shoe with a detachable sole.
All you leave at the door is your sole not your shoe. Genius.

No Shoes In The House.2

No Shoes In The House.3

No Shoes In The House.4

No Shoes In The House.5

No Shoes In The House.6

No Shoes In The House.7

No Shoes In The House.8

No Shoes In The House.9

Not exactly Manolo’s we know.
But we are getting ourselves a pair. How about you?
That’s impeccable.

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