No Fail House Plants

No Fail House Plants

Sorry fiddle fig tree, you are not what we would consider one of these no fail house plants.

It’s that time of year, when the holidays are over and the hard cold truth of winter is upon us. And, yes, spring is much to far away to count on much sunshine to pull us through.

So how do we beat the winter blues?

If you just can’t go off and find the sun, you can bring spring into your home with plants. Yet if your mood is easily dampened by the lack of sunshine, it won’t help if you have a black thumb like us and cam’t keep your plants alive.

Here are some no fail plants that are sure to help beat the blues and stay alive.

The Rubber Tree Plant

It so set it and forget it…you might do just that. It’s beautiful shiny leaves are ver handsome. And if you want something large in your space, it can grow quite big.

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Heart Leaf Philodendron

This one is so gorgeous, you often see just cuttings of these big leaves (faux too) used in room stagings. They can also grow quite big with little care.

No Fail house plants
No Fail House Plants

The Snake Plant

It’s also known as the Mother in Law Tongue. And although the name might seem to want to cast a negative light. This mother in law is very easy to get along with and is so easy to please.

No Fail House Plants

These three should get your home and your mood in brighter healthier spirits until spring comes. Yet just in case you really must have that fiddle fig, you might want to consider going faux. Yes, we can’t believe we are saying that either. But they make some good ones now. Also check out our post about the only arrangement you will ever have to buy. Yes, we have a real arrangement that is almost 15 years old and it looks as good as it did the first day we installed it. And it’s totally real.

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