No demolition necessary kitchen makeover.

Not every kitchen makeover requires a huge messy demolition.

(Or a jar-dropping 100,000 dollar budget)


And we are totally serious.

We were contacted by a lovely family back in August to work on their kitchen.  They recently moved into their home, and realized that the kitchen was fairly new, so they weren’t looking to gut and renovate.  However, they had a large open space that they believed could be maximized.  Basically, they wanted to know how we could work together for a kitchen makeover, not renovation.

Here’s the before:


No demolition necessary kitchen makeover.

You can’t fully appreciate how much space there was in this kitchen.  When we were there, the table felt miles away from the sink and stove and there was a good amount of unused space at the kitchen table.  Which led us to ask what they really wanted.  So…


  • Kitchen Island.  Storage wasn’t necessary, but they’d LOVE to have seating at the island.
  • Butcher block countertop.
  • New lighting.  Notice the boob light in the center of the kitchen?  That HAD to go (well, in our eyes).

Was it possible?  For $10,000?

Well, with some planning and designing we were able to get that for our client.  We did go a bit over their original budget because we addressed the entire kitchen with a new lighting plan, which included under cabinet lights, recessed cans, and an outlet in the island.  But, we definitely were able to get them the look of an entirely new kitchen, without a renovation.

So what does a kitchen makeover look like?  Here’s the after:


No demolition necessary kitchen makeover.




The final result?
Perfection.  Beyond happy clients, and we are super happy with the design too.  Not every kitchen needs a $100k makeover.  You can usually buy yourself a little more time for the appliances to wear themselves out with some smart thinking, and a great design team.  Let us know if you’re ready to rethink your kitchen in 2019.

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