Never dull subway tiles


Subway tiles are too overdone?

Subway tiles are cost effective. Classic. And very popular right now.
But are they too boring?
Are you wondering how you can make your subway tile standout from the rest?

Well given the multitude of patterns that you can use…the answer is YES you can.
The traditional brick pattern layout does not need to leave you in dullsville.

Never dull subway tiles

Here are just a few patterns that you can use depending on the effect or look you want for your space.


  • For a modern bold look, try a stacked layout in either vertical or horizontal.
  • If you are looking for some movement or something to excite the eye and draw attention, go for a herringbone pattern.
  • To give a bit of edge, you can add a slight slant to the layout and get your very own look that isn’t quite like everyone else.

Never Dull Subway Tiles.2

Never Dull Subway Tiles.3

Never Dull Subway Tiles.4

Never Dull Subway Tiles.5

Never Dull Subway Tiles.6

Never Dull Subway Tiles.7

Lastly don’t forget about the grout color. Here is another way to make your simple classic subway tiles¬† standout from the crowd and shout, “look at me!” Dark grout can really punch up subway tile.

Never Dull Subway Tiles.8

Never Dull Subway Tiles.9

Subway tiles are not boring!

You can save money and make your own statement with this timeless staple.

That's Impeccable!

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