Netflix and chill…fine interiors, and great loungewear

How about a Netflix and chill kind of weekend.

But one that focuses on your best loungewear and fancy interiors.

Let’s face it, we are all spending a lot more time at home these days…so, why not catch up on all of those movies we’ve been dying to watch? And enjoy some fancy loungewear too.

Lately, I have been finding joy in the little things…like a great glass of wine and some super comfy clothes. I’m talking about a caftan or some loungewear. But before we share all of our favorite things, here’s some great shows that are perfect to queue up, and binge watch this weekend…or every weekend in April.

There are so many great shows, and not just for the plot lines!

We are talking about for the sets…the interiors. In fact, they are some of the dreamiest places to visit in real life, or in our quarantined life. And, they might help inspire us too!

Here’s some of the most dream worthy, swoon worth interiors for your evening entertainment.

Netflix and Chill

I am Love A beautiful film, featuring Tilda Swinton, set in Italy. The setting literally competes with the storyline because it is so beautiful. The colors, the softness, and of course the way of the Italian life.

The Trip. This is an excellent film that is centered around friendship, food and Europe. Each episode goes from restaurant to restaurant, and not only is it about the food, you wouldn’t believe the delicious interiors and locations they travel to.

Netflix and Chill

Marie Antoinette.  We are big on period films here. This one is extra good because it is over the top, and the music has a fun punk vibe that just exploits the excessive nature. However, the perfect gardens, impeccable fashions and dream like maximalist interiors are our dream.

Emma: And we are talking about the newest version that went from the movie theaters one day, to your home later that night. It is such a dream…a sherbet colored daydream found in the English Countryside. Perfection is found behind every screen.

Netflix and Chill

Modern Love: First, these are some of the best written short stories. They are love stories not just to their subjects, but to NYC too. 8 individual stories. 8 individual vignettes that are visually beautiful in their own way.

Netflix and Chill

The Crown: Really? Don’t think we need to add more to this. It’s just great.

Downton Abbey: Same.

Anne with an ‘E’: This is just magic. Pure magic. This was a series we binge watched as a family. The minimalist interiors, storytelling and attention to detail was just…impeccable!

Netflix and chill

Mad Men: Fab. There are no other words to describe the chic interiors and fantastic dress of this show. It’s stylish and right.

Netflix and Chill

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel: We’ve talked about this show before, but it’s worth bringing up again. Between how she dresses and her amazing life on the Upper West Side, there is something perfect about Midge.

Netflix and Chill

Anything by Nancy Meyers. Right? We even have a whole blog dedicated to our favorite kitchen of hers!

But first…you need to up your loungewear game…or maybe add a caftan. Here’s some fun ones.

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