Our NEST: we finally have a kitchen layout design

Ok it is still just a back of the envelope design
but this one of a gazillion approaches feels good, very good.
Here is what we like about it.

1. We really really like to have all appliances and workspace along one wall.
No L-shape or boxed in look. Honestly this was difficult in our space at least it was without breaking budget and moving plumbing, electricity and such.
This design does it..as best we could.

2. We wanted good centrally located workspace, entertaining, and eating area.
We wanted to have a big island for this use. Check.

3. We wanted to open up kitchen to dining room in hopes of utilizing that room more. Done.

4. Professional appliances. Yeah!

5. Beautiful tile work. Love it!

6. Finished pantry space. Perfect.

7. Stunning yet functional counters. Oh my heart be still.

8. A place for everything we do. No clutter or wasted area. Oh yes baby.

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Demolition could be any day now.
That’s impeccable.

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