Moved in…now what? Update of our our #anewhorizon

We’ve moved in…now what?

We have been busy and hard at work here on our new horizon. We’ve had to tear up our basement, due to flooding (anyone see those instastories?), wallpapered a couple of rooms, removed a wall, and finished our powder room project.

Yep, we have ONE room that has been completed in this house.

What’s funny, is the other day I was on the phone with a friend that recently moved into a new home. She was complaining about the amount of stuff they had to spend money on. And let’s just say, it was stuff no one wants to spend money on. I offered her a sympathetic ear, and listened.

Finally, I said we completely understand.

We moved into this house hoping to spend all of our money on a new kitchen, and all sorts of fun stuff. Welp, that just didn’t happen. In fact, we’ve managed to completely tear out everything in the “finished” basement due to a major leak, and repair it. We also had to take care of random electrical issues throughout the house. Plumbing problems, painting of surfaces, and pool problems.

Yes, it can sound overwhelming, but as I said to my friend, I told her to figure out one thing she could replace or complete that would make her happy. Sometimes it is as simple as changing out some knobs, a light fixture, or wallpapering a room. For us? It was a bit of all three.

However…we’ve found lots of great furniture pieces for our home too. So without further ado, here’s what we’ve been up to.

The Powder Room:

Screen Shot 2019 02 23 At 4.16.12 Pm

We were totally taken by this amazing Milton + King, Ornithology wallpaper that we saw on Dee Murphy’s One Room Challenge post. She used it on the ceiling of an amazing guest room renovation, which gave us the inspo to use this same print in our powder room. We followed up the wallpaper with amazing lighting from Visual Comfort, the awesome Serena & Lily Ojai mirror, Anthopologie toilet/towel holders, and the piece de resistance….our new faucet.

Screen Shot 2019 02 23 At 4.16.27 Pm

We are completely in love with this finished space! She’s a beaut.


Moved In
Moved In

Ugh, that’s all I have to say to this one. When we first moved into this house, the basement was finished. In fact, the previous homeowners installed a new grey carpet downstairs. It wasn’t what we wanted, but hey, it was done. Fast forward to August. Remember those torrential rains? Yep, we do too.

Back in August, we finally emptied our storage POD that was filled with boxes that were deemed “non-essential.” And we emptied them into our basement. Well, one evening, I went down to grab something and had water pooling around my ankles. Then I noticed that our boxes were soaked, and some of our frames were totally warped.

A call to a local basement specialist, we were able to get on the calendar for January of 2019. This was set after a lot of screaming and freaking out about the state of things. At the end of the day, we are totally pleased that we have a waterproofed basement, they removed the two sump pumps and installed one new one, as well as a great drainage system. Those are words I never thought I would EVER say.

Phase 1 of Kitchen Renovation:

Moved In

We just couldn’t take it anymore, and decided to bust through the wall into our dining room. That means, we are living without a stove again. Something everyone is happy about. (Heavy on the sarcasm here).

Img 9590

The design hubby was the stud behind our demo here, removed the gross stove, as well as the plaster walls. He was so happy. And a quick call to our contractor, we doubled the size of the cased opening, and started the master plan for our kitchen renovation. (Details to come soon!) It has really improved the look of the downstairs and we are super pleased.

Moved In

The Big Room:

Our beautiful post and beam room that we fell in love with, or everyone falls in love with at our new horizon. We had to buy all new furniture, but we are not ones to go completely brand new. So much time has been spent looking for the perfect sectional (which will be reupholstered), side chairs, ginormous area rug, coffee table, lighting and more…it is so perfectly us.

Moved In

Warm, layered, textured, inviting, but most importantly full of pattern and color. We’ve put up the most neutral wallpaper to soften the white walls, and complement all of the beautiful wood in the room. Needless to say, it’s really making us happy.

Screen Shot 2019 02 23 At 4.19.13 Pm

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