Moodboard Monday: Hello Pretty Room! eDesign

Hello Pretty Room! eDesign

Rustic.  Coastal.  Outdoorsy.

Yes.  Throw in a little bit of Hemingway too.  In fact, these were the requests of one of our e-Design clients.  How do you even make that work?  Well, we had the client fill out our questionnaire, and that led us to some great new websites to check out as inspiration:


United by Blue.

Sanborn Canoe Company.

Gear Patrol.

Check out these websites.  1. Because they’re cool companies with dope aesthetics.  2. You’ll totes get the vibe we had to design around.  Click here for more info

Basically, this was a little bit of a stretch.  I mean, we aren’t necessarily the “outdoorsy” kind of folk.  Well, we do go outside.  We’ve been known to go on A hike.  Camping?  Sure, we’ve done that too, but we are more anthropologie, less REI.  But enough about what personally are like, how about our client.  Did we mention that they wanted to include a portrait, or a photo of a Grizzly bear?  Okay, let’s do this.

Hello, pretty room! To the rescue.

Since we couldn’t coordinate our schedules, they hired us out for eDesign, and it worked out fab.  We are planning a trip out to visit the space and see how great it all looks, until then, enjoy some of these awesome finds to create your own rustic, coastal, outdoorsy space.

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