Moodboard Monday: Layered Looks

It’s Moodboard MONDAY!!!!!

Let’s talk color.  And layers.

Not a splash or dash of color.  We are talking saturated, full of life color.  Bathing in color beauty.  Much like these beautiful spaces show through wallpaper, pattern and statement pieces below:

Honestly, we aren’t sure what we love best about these spaces.  The vibrant color, the use of texture and pattern, or just the overall feel and gestalt of the space?  Either way, they totally got our design mojo flowing this week.

Want to know why these rooms are amazing?  They’re layered.  Have color on all 6 planes (I’m sure if you look up you’ll find something amazing on these ceilings!), and aren’t afraid to take a chance.

Looking to get the colorful, layered look?  Here’s a way you can get it yourself.

Moodboard Monday Layered Looks

Wallpaper/ Chair/ Sofa/ Coffee Table/ Art

Based on our moodboard, you could get this bitchin’ look as seen in Elle Decor below:

Moodboard Monday: Color Me Beautiful

Meow…it’s amazing.  For even more amazing, how about using green in your design this year?  Or if you’re feeling our animal vibes, check out this awesome Moodboard we did for a client’s nursery!

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