Mood Board Monday: Baby on Board!

It’s Mood Board Monday!!!

Time to get inspired people and dream of having a baby on board!

MBM Baby on Board

A dear friend of ours is expecting their first baby (a boy), and we happily are working on a beautiful nursery for their new addition.  We want it to be sweet and serene, yet a hint of sophistication.  Like every room we design, it must go with the rest of the house and grow with the child (until they get opinions!). In this house, there is a dominant color scheme, which means we’ve got our work cut out for us.  But that won’t stop us, so here we are looking for inspiration and…

Heres where we’ve started.




This quote pretty much sums it up for us…we want to create a space that is youthful and engaging…especially for the parents, so how do we do that?

It must have wallpaper.  Yes, wallpaper…at least on one wall!  Give the room some interest and focus!  Great baskets, a charming mobile (which set the tone and color palate for the room), a rocker and a to be decided crib that we are searching for.

Now, how does this all play out?

With a gray and white color scheme, punches of yellow (or chartreuse) and turquoise. Animals and a dash of whimsey, this is a room everyone will be jealous of.  We think that we nailed it…here you go:

Screen Shot 2017 06 26 At 6.12.43 Am

See what we did there?  Took an already great theme (animals) and made it modern, fresh and fun.  What mom would complain about this beautifully charming space?  None…it’s perfect for mom, dad, and baby to grow up in.  Throw in a couple of classic (read: beautiful) toys, and you’ve got yourself a winner.  A few custom pieces that can be moved to different rooms when the baby gets older, a few childish items that will remind you that he’s just a baby, and just enough room for an imagination to grow.


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