Miracle at Henrietta

Dreaming of the Miracle at Henrietta this holiday season.

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Anyone else dreaming of an amazing getaway? We are.

It seems like the holidays are always perfect in London…between watching Love Actually, and seeing all the beautiful decor on Instagram, London is where we want to spend the holidays.

Especially, the Miracle at Henrietta.

  1. We always are struggling to shop for the men in our lives. It’s not that easy, especially when they say they want a country club membership. So we’ve created a few fun things here.
  2. Usually we are gifting socks to everyone. The crowd favorites are from JCrew. Especially those with fun designs and motifs.
  3. We haven’t done this too much during quarantine, but I am looking forward to playing more games. I like this, and this to really have some fun! Plus, who doesn’t like a personalized gift!
  4. Plus, it would be fun to create a date night at home…so why not have him cook?
  5. And you’ll need something to drink. And something cozy too.
  6. I cannot believe that we found this…since the days of eating out seem pretty far away, THIS would be the perfect gift!!! Become a master drink maker this holiday season!
  7. We can’t resist a good coffee table book. This one. This one. Or this one would be perfect additions to anyone’s home. Especially if you’ve watched “Yellowstone,” you’ll want this one to bring that vibe home.
  8. We are gearing up for a cold, dark winter this year, so maybe these are necessary. Or these? Get ready to build that outdoor fire.
  9. But really, this isn’t about the big things…it’s about the little things. This would be a fun keepsake, or these are great to show someone they matter.
  10. There are so may fun things out there, but we think these are best.
  11. And if all else fails? Gift yourself a bestie.
  12. Until next year, we are dreaming of a miracle….at Henrietta.

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