Memorial Day weekend is going to be SPLENDID.

Road trip? We are always up for one.

We just came up with a really good one too.

Now hold on to your hat.
It may sound a wee bit crazy.

Have  you  tried  Jeni’s  SPLENDID  ice cream?
Screen Shot 2017 05 23 At 7.37.21 Pm

It is unbelievable.

So good. We are making our Memorial day weekend plans around this ice cream.

We went to a Jeni’s scoop shop a little over a year ago and we have been lusting to find one since that amazing day. Sure we have had Jeni’s from the grocery store but nothing matched a jeni’s sundae from a scoop shop. NOTHING.
So with some research (google Jeni’s ice cream) and we found out the closest
Jeni’s scoop shop to us is in Ohio.
Ohio is Jeni’s headquaters to boot.

So we are going!

And not just going.
There are 10 scoop shops in Columbus Ohio.
And we are planning to visit each and every one of them.
As a bonus, Cleveland is along the way so we are going to stop for our first scoop in Chagrin Falls…just to get the excitement started for the big Columbus blow out.
Or lick out? No?
Ice cream-a-palooza.

Oh yeah! That’s the plan.

Crazy. Quite possibly.
Keep watching cuz I am sure you’ll want to hear about every little detail.

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