Mad for these decals

Is your home looking for something new.

Something fun.

Are you ready for that update but not crazy about the mess of paint, glue,
hammer and nails, the huge time commitment, or expense.

Well, we have a product for you.
Peel and stick stair riser decals can give you the fun change your stairs are craving yet you don’t have to fear all the work, expense, and fuss of something more permanent.
In fact you can do it in one weekend.
Actually start Friday night and finish Saturday afternoon so you can show off your cool work over cocktails at your place later that evening.

Check these out. Thank you Mirth Studios

Mirth Studio Stairs 3

We can’t save you from still having to do your laundry on Sunday but we know you will have a skip to your step at work on Monday.

You will just love us for this find. That’s impeccable.

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