The Lygon Arms Hotel charm in the Cotswolds

The Lygon Arms Hotel…let’s go there now!

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  1. Anyone else watch “The Holiday” before the holidays? We’re guilty too. And you know what? We love it. Especially because it transports us to somewhere amazing, like the Cotswolds. And we are looking forward to planning a stay at They Lygon Arms Hotel.
  2. But, don’t think its all antlers and plaid, however, classic both are to traditional design. So maybe you need to add this, or this to your home this year.
  3. While we are spending all of our time daydreaming about places to visit, we are also planning how to keep ourselves warm and cozy outside. This will help, a little bit of this to bring the Cotswolds to us, and this to entertain the kids!
  4. When looking at The Lygon Arms Hotel “Things to do” list…we were completely smitten with their foraging class! How amazing would it be to wander around this amazing hotel, foraging and creating beautiful arrangements?
  5. And since we are looking to create beautiful arrangements, it’s the perfect time of year to build yourself a foraging kit. This is not the official term, but it is definitely something we are building for ourselves…and putting on in the car! FYI…Kim used to have us drive around Manhattan Beach when I was a kid, hop out and clip off Hydrangeas all the time! I was so scared! Now, I know why she did it..
  6. We can’t believe that we are getting ready to celebrate New Years…can you? It’s been a doozy of a year. However, keeping all of that in mind, here’s a few things to help you celebrate.
  7. Maybe we could be like the Ladies of London while we are there too…Jump into natural swimming pools with frogs like Julie. Shop Selfridges like Juliet. And be as glamorous as Caroline!
  8. But we would need a lot of this, this and this to make us feel that posh.
  9. Although, it seems like we could cozy up with a great book, make ourselves a delicious cocktail and sit by the fire for our own Lygon Arms Hotel feeling at home.

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