Long drive with lots to think about

So yes, we are libtards. Snowflakes.

We’ve hated, not quite understood and frankly been pissed off by these terms. We are American, damn it.

But now, we are just not going to fight it. It’s trivial really. We love our country. We love that we are passionate about social issues and care about the world and want to make it a better place for everyone. If hurling insults is your bag,  go ahead, but we gotta say we are concerned.

Scared actually.

This “bubble” we have been living in burst, but we are not just crying over an election loss. Never has politics been an all consuming sport for us. It is what it is. Except lately. We have been down right afraid of our own country. Yup, we have spent the majority of our lives on the coasts and have never ventured out to get a feel for all of America. Have we been fooling ourselves? Is our time of “free to be you and me” up? Are we the minority in America? Yikes!

How do we figure this out and get a grip on this gloom and doom feeling?

Get the F out of dodge and check it out.

Go out there and find out first hand what is really going on in this great country of ours. It was Memorial Day weekend ,so we got out of our comfort zone and away from our usual haunts, Boston, NYC, California, Connecticut, you know the “bubble” states and headed for the Midwest. Let’s go to Ohio.

We know. We know we said it was about Jeni’s splendid ice cream. That is so true. We truly dig Jeni’s ice cream and wanted to visit a scoop shop. This finding out about America only showed its message to us as we traversed to Ohio.

The very loose primitive plan was to use Jeni’s scoop shop locations to help us decide where to go. Ohio has never been a place in our minds to ever go visit. So this plan was as good as any to us. Basically if these locations were good for Jeni and her team, they were good enough for us. So with a 4 year old, 2 year old, a 5 week old, one husband and a very well travelled Chevrolet Suburban, we hit the road to Ohio.

We won’t go through each and every place we visited, but we did go to all 10 locations in Columbus and even one in Cleveland and we were blown away. Blown away at every quaint street, shop, restaurant, person, parade, movie in the park…every place we went we were blown away in a fantastic way. Creative. Civic. Beautiful. Diverse. Friendly. Open-minded. People just like us. Small business owners and entrepreneurs. Families. Old. Young. Cool. Hip. The Arts. Dogs. The Environment. Ohio had it going on.

Thank you Jeni’s Splendid ice cream for getting us out of our bubble, for restoring our faith in America, for its people for its grace, its beauty, its compassion…its snowflakes. We fit in just perfectly in Ohio and we can’t wait to travel to every state of this great country and meet more snowflakes.

What a perfect Memorial Day weekend.



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