Our nest: How we live through our kitchen remodel

Kitchen Remodels

It has been about 3 months since demolition of our kitchen. No, no, no this isn’t big reveal day. Heavens no! We are not exactly that far along. Yet we thought you might want to know how we are living without a kitchen.

Actually it is far worse…wait…nope… we are committed to giving this a positive spin…it is far more exciting than no kitchen. We have completely emptied the entire downstairs so that we can refinish the hardwood floors and paint the interior.

I mean, H E L L O , why wouldn’t we.

So, for at least the last few weeks we have not only been without a kitchen, we have all been living in one room upstairs. In order for you all to get full flavor of what that means, we must remind everyone about how we live together under this nest. In this ONE room that normally functions as playroom and Impeccable Nest headquarters, it now is a makeshift kitchen and all around place to hang for mother, father, a 2 year old, an almost 4 year old, one dog, a grandmother/business partner, and a great grandfather.

Yep we our living in tight quarters.

Although before we digress and bore you with our bouts of cabin fever and struggles with meal preparation; let’s just say we are dreaming of baking muffins and a refrigerator not all the way in the basement (we play rock, paper, scissors to see who has to climb the stairs to fetch food). We wanted to show you how things are starting to shape up. The new opening from kitchen to dining room is finished and is exactly how we wanted it to feel, like it is part of the kitchen. We love it!

The floors look brand new and we were even able to spare our beloved painted rug! We just couldn’t let it go. We are so proud of that late night spontaneous D.I.Y.. The walls are now in the process of getting a fresh coat of paint. We are already looking forward to seeing how these updates will inspire us to decorate when we bring everything back into the rooms. Big decisions like what goes back the same and what should we do different.

Kitchen Update.1

Kitchen Update.2

Kitchen Update.3

Kitchen Update.4

Kitchen Update.5

Kitchen Update.6

In the meantime this is what we call kitchen nowadays.

Kitchen Update.8

BTW, we are a bit off schedule. We had hoped to get up and running downstairs by the time we welcome our son in April. Unfortunately that isn’t going to happen, so we will be adding one more in our upstairs room. We are literally making our mess our message, “don’t be afraid to go for it, if you wait for things to be perfect, you might be watching life pass you by”. Despite how crazy this all seems and IT IS, we are proud of how we work together and make it happen. We are stronger for it and for sure our children are learn to be resilient and the meaning of family.


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