Live impeccably: No blog posts lately?

No blog posts lately? What’s up with that?

Have you been wondering “where has Impeccable Nest been?” “We’ve missed their posts!”

blog posts

To be honest, we weren’t quite sure why we haven’t been keeping our blog posts up either. One day turned into a week and now we are into week two of no blog posts. Then finally this morning, it dawned on us. With all that has been going on around us, Hurricane Harvey, Hurricane Irma, Hurricane Maria, protests in Charlottesville, earthquake in Mexico, mass shooting in Vegas, wild fires in California…there just seemed to be too much tragedy and destruction to just be “business as usual.”

Who can talk about sofas and color swatches when people are suffering.

And don’t get us started about the chaos in the White House. So in a nutshell, that is where we have been, trying to wrap our heads around it all and figure out what to do to help and move forward. But we were frozen, unable to move even breathe, let alone figure out what to say.

For those that know us, and we count our blog devotees as those that know us, know we aren’t ones that keep our social commentary to ourselves. Nope, we don’t follow that adage, “keep social issues out of your business.” In fact, one of the tenets of being a business owner for us was to align our social activism life with our business. If we were so lucky as to have a platform to speak from, we wanted to do so. We wanted to always strive to do the right thing…even if it wasn’t always popular.

We totally understand, that many folks are looking for a space that they don’t have to hear someone’s point of view. Just show us great design and get off your soapbox already.

We get it.

It just wouldn’t be us being us. You know, authentically speaking.

We think it comes from a deep desire to serve. Both of us began our careers as public servants, nursing and teaching respectfully. The years we spent in these professions gave us both a sense of pride and a deep passion for giving back and speaking up for others. So in the social consciousness category when others say, “why do you care about this so much”, you could say, we are just  “wired that way”. To be completely honest, when we changed careers, we were both concerned about this.

Would interior design satisfy this calling? We even mocked ourselves as ‘glorified shoppers’. What can replace that feeling of saving a child’s life? Ok, ok, I know we are getting rather dramatic, but that is us.

We go deep. Too passionate, maybe. Always filled with the need to stand up, maybe even kneel, and speak out for social causes.

Oh, and we love design.

Both of us have learned the biggest lessons from our young patients and students.  You only have this one life. There are no do overs. Letting go of our fear and finding what makes us happy is actually a credit to them. As a teacher, they heard “go out and make your dreams happen.” As a nurse, it was the privilege to bear witness to a life cut short. It became a disservice not to live out our dream.

So we are back in the saddle and we are ready to post again.



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