LIVE impeccably: Making time to reset

Time to reset, cleanse, detox.

Last year I welcomed my second daughter, and since then, I’ve been stuck with feeling bloated, sluggish and cloudy with a malaise which has led me to this very important moment (how funny that it coincides with the new year?): it is time to reset and engage in a cleanse, or renewal as I would prefer to call it.

This renewal is not only to feed my physical self, but I have engaged in a series of personal growth strategies for the past month to build up to this moment. This moment was the realization that my sweet baby girl is turning 1 next month, and I haven’t done much for myself, and instead I have been “focusing in my business, not on my business.”

That quote is my mantra for 2016: Don’t focus in my business, focus ON my business. This is the year I can realize my businesses potential (and we have made a lot of positive movement in just the past ten days!!!!), and my own personal potential. In fact, I’ve grown tired of reading all the mom blogs about how bedraggled people are, etc., etc., and the time has come for me to put words into action.

So…I went to a Female Empowerment/Find your Inner Goddess yoga retreat and it was beyond amazing.

A room filled with 20 beautifully empowered women, all working towards being their best self. I wrote an apology to myself for all the harsh talk it receives, and set my intentions. Then I went to a meditation/breathing class; again, amazing. It is incredible what happens when you can quiet your brain. Your inner self and allow positive thought and beliefs feed you. We are on a 10 day cleanse. We want to clear out and get our body back to feeling its best. I have slowly let motherhood get the best of me: lazy eating habits, messy hair, and lack of personal motivation. How can I expect the best for my girls if I don’t show them how to be the best.

The time has come for personal renewal…let’s do this 2016. What are you doing for yourself?

That’s impeccable.

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