Live impeccably: Holidays are for making Memories

Holidays are all about making memories.


Another Thanksgiving in NYC this year. We had front row seats at the Macy day parade. Who knows where we will be next year but this year was magic!

Will these wee ones remember? When they gather with their family and friends many, many years from now remark about “that Thanksgiving spent in NYC was the best Thanksgiving ever“.

We do so many things to create and strengthen family bonds through the telling of family stories and tales. There are the special meals we always make. The heirlooms that we decorate the table with from relatives we’ve never met yet seem to know from the always mentioned anecdotes told during every celebratory gathering.

We all want to make our mark and celebrate our time here. However fleeting. We want someone to say, “I’ve been there with you…remember when we did that?

These memories come from our walks through Time’s Square on someone’s shoulders, hunting and cutting down a Christmas tree, skipping and jumping in Central Park, watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving parade balloons get blown up, finding one favorite animal after the next at the Natural History museum…. even buying shoes from none other than Carrie Bradshaw. 

Sure it’s great to look forward. Yet what makes it all the more sweeter is the looking back. At Impeccable Nest we want to always remind each other to live impeccably.



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