LIVE impeccably: Design Sponge book signing

IN THE COMPANY OF WOMEN book signing was fabulous!

So inspired, so gracious, so empowering.

Live Impeccably.2

With all the negativity and hate out there lately, this breath of fresh air of hope and girl power was such a relief. YOU GO, Grace Bonney!!

Squeezed in the Brattle Theater in Cambridge Mass., we were women bonded by struggles, creativity, and resilience…and a love to learn about our stories.
Women building their business, taking care of their business, finding their voice,
finding their tribe…making way for women.

Live Impeccably.3

We loved. Loved. LOVED! the very real moments in the audience when a faint coo and the occasional cry from babies in the audience…the very real evidence of how it is to be a working mother trying to maintain their place in society and raise their family.
It is still so hard for women who work in and out of the home.

Society and worst of all women can still be so damn unsupportive.

Yet tonight there wasn’t any mother shaming to silence their child, no muttering “I can’t believe she brought her child to this event.” Thankfully this collective group of women did not shush away this reality.

Now can I tell you why this spoke to me so deeply:
One year ago to the date, I attended a craft fair that hosted the design expert Sarah Richardson. We gathered in a charming barn to hear her discuss her design style. My daughters and I sat in the back and they quietly and at times not so quietly played in the back with the stash we mothers bring in our bag, so that I could enrich my design education and career. At 8 months and 2.5 years old they did occasionally get fussy and didn’t always use inside voices. Although I sat frozen with dread and embarrassment at every sound, it wasn’t anything a snack couldn’t squelch. Sarah was wonderful, she rolled with the brief interruptions and even lovingly greeted my daughters and I afterward reminiscing about her daughters in those early years. She helped calm my nerves from the glares and cool side looks from a few of the attendees…all women. Sarah was so kind and generous.

Live Impeccably.4

Unfortunately that is not the worst, I came home to find on my business website a scathing, belittling shame on me and my mothering, how horrible I was to bring my daughters to this event, children should be left at home. She accused me of being neglectful and irresponsible.

Live Impeccably.5

I was afraid to go out for weeks, maybe even months. I felt everyone was judging me.

My life as a mother now felt so isolating and alone.

How was I going to run a business and be a mother.

Never would I had thought women would be my toughest critic.


Thank you Grace Bonney for an enlightening evening!
You lifted my spirits more than you can ever know.
I will never let anyone put me or my children in the corner again.
My tribe is out there…and they are pretty terrific.
I am one of them and my daughters will be too!

Other great pearls of the night:
Pause and acknowledge how much you’ve done.
Keep asking yourself “why”
No one has it figured out…”I do it all…only shitty.”
Insecurity can be a strength.
Life is a big scramble – forget balance.
I am good enough.
It is about how you deal when something goes wrong.

Live Impeccably.6

Love the message Grace Bonney signed in her book for us.
Be Brave, Be Bold.
That’s impeccable.

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