Live impeccably: A Christmas Advent Calendar to Cheer About

Consider this a public service announcement.

Aldi’s, the affordable grocery store chain has the prefect Christmas Advent calendar. And it ain’t your grandmother’s advent calendar either. Nope it ain’t for the kiddies either. Finally, something for the adults that do all the making, decorating and giving all season long. Something to help us get through trying to squeeze in all that extra fun and excitement in a month when we can hardly handle a regular routine month of stuff we have to get done. Whew, we need a drink just thinking about it.

Get ready to toast yourself each and every day during the holidays.

Introducing the Wine Advent Calendar.Christmas Wine Advent Calendar

This advent calendar has 24 mini bottles of wine – a mix of red, white, rosé, and fizz. Every day offers a new mini bottle of wine for an evening indulgence in the lead up to Christmas. Put on “baby, it’s cold outside” and truly ring in the holidays.


Only one problemo.


This year the wine advent calendar will only be available at Aldi locations in the United Kingdom. Damn. How do we get our pals across the pond to send one to us? Or better yet, this may call for a quite trip to London for some holiday shopping. Anyone game?

If not, here are some adorable, albeit rather boring after all the wine talk. And a post from a DIY advent calendar from the past. Cheers!


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