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Why hire an interior designer?

Many people think the following when it comes time to decorating or designing their own home:

“It’s too expensive.” “Your taste is not MY taste.”

But those are just not true. Hiring an interior designer can simplify your life when it comes to creating a beautiful space in your home. Designers often can save you time and money when it comes down to decorating your home for the following reasons:

1. Save money and time: Hiring a designer helps eliminate or reduce costly mistakes that many homeowners make (inappropriately sized furniture, poor color combinations, etc).

2. Solve problems: If you have moved into a new home, it would be the best time to bring in a designer so that everything from color/paint selection to furniture can be appropriately selected to reflect the client. Also, we are trained in selecting items of appropriate size and scale for a space and how to minimize or maximize space or areas.

3. Budgeting and planning: Where to start? Where to spend money? How to spend money? What items to spend money on? Interior designers know where and what to spend the greatest amount of the budget on.

4. The great communicator: An important communicator between contractor, tradespeople and the client and interior designer is there to represent the decisions and translate that for each person.

5. Wide availability of resources: There is a world of furniture, fabrics and accessories that are available “to the trade” only, which is a huge reason to hire a designer to finish your space.

6. Space Planning: One of the most common problems we run into when we get into a clients home is inappropriately sized furniture. Most people have too small of furniture or too large of furniture, therefore space planning is one of the most important reasons to hire a designer.

7. Home sale: Interior designers can make suggestions that will increase a homes value and increasing the aesthetic of your home.

8. A trained eye: Interior designers are trained in color theory, elements and principles of design.

9. Enhance your style: Through designs and each space it is our role to tell a story of the person or persons that live there, their hobbies, interests and way of life are all expressed through the items chosen.

10. Wow factor: Always looking for that one piece that makes a room, and brings everything together in a space, interior designers are always thinking outside of the box for these pieces.

All ideas and suggestions were summarized from here, here.
This is what we LOVE to do at Impeccable Nest…contact us today to make your space impeccable!

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