LIVE impeccably: 6 month goals

Month Goals.1

It’s that time of year for Impeccable Nest.
We need to set our next 6 months goals.
Many we will continue to work on from our last goals like;
Looking for fixer+uppers. It was so much fun and a great learning experience doing our last fixer+upper. We want to continue to grow this area for our company.
Fine tune and grow our social media accounts.
Grow our online business: e-design and shop.

Over the winter months we plan to attend a few conferences for women entrepreneurs to help us grow our tribe and marketing…and one is in Palm Springs. Not gonna hate getting out of New Hampshire in February. We also will be working on our Spring roll out of our first annual Nest Fest….more to come about that excitement.

So with continued education, collaboration, enrichment, and design work, we have pretty big goals for us over the next 6 months. Our mantra for the next 6 months: “keeping working on you and keep being you” That’s impeccable.

One last thing.
You are all invited to our Holiday event on Thursday December 1st. See details below.

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