LIVE impeccably

It definitely takes a village to help run a FEMPIRE.
We are in the home stretch of Build on Hope project for the Manchester Police Athletic League (MPAL). This was a huge undertaking this week and never could have done it without a little help from our peeps. Things are really coming together.

Thank you to local artists from Manchester, babysitting extraordinaire Memere Paradis, artist and Bedford business owner of Refrigerator Door, Jennifer Coletti and her boyfriend Chris, who helped design and paint many of the murals with us. And the many, many, many folks that came in each day and asked, “I wanna help, what can I do”. We could not have even been able to show up much less than get this done without you. Like everything in life, there are no small contributions. Every bit is essential. Amanda Gerby, this means YOU.

Please come down on Sunday and see all of the rooms and all of the efforts to help make this a reality and a bright spot for so many at risk youths in Manchester.
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“Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee”

That’s impeccable.

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