LIVE impeccably

Oh man, totally spaced on telling ya’ll about the Create and Cultivate conference that I attended last week in L.A..

To say this is THE conference to attend if you are a creative diva is much too modest.
Way too cool for school. If you have a chance to attend one of these, do it.
Better yet, make your chance, you need this ladies.

Key speakers included;

  • Chelsea Handler
  • Jessica Alba
  • Rachel Zoe
  • Amber Lewis
  • Joy Cho
  • Lulu&Georgia
  • Bri Emery
  • Apartment Therapy
  • Emily Henderson

P.S. if you don’t happen to know about these women, google them. They are amazing.
So much determination and such role models for women.

Key topics;

  • Grassroot marketing.
  • Identify your value.
  • Working and parenting.
  • Role of social media.
  • Women mentoring women.

Some of the best advice from this weekend;

  • Be authentic.
  • Don’t should on yourself.
  • Be persistent. Get comfortable with being uncomfortable.
  • Don’t skimp on talent. Hire great people.
  • You’ve got to grind. It ain’t easy living your best life.
  • Stick to your brand..know why you are doing it, stay focused, and stay the course.
  • Create relationships. Tell your story and connect with people.
  • For every yes, there will be a hundred no’s.
  • Surround yourself with people who “get it”. Don’t compromise.
  • Hone in on your “secret sauce”. No one exactly like you. Be you.
  • Never talk shit. Always take the high ground.
  • Every girl is a girl’s girl. Reach back and help a sista.
  • Women need to mentor women.
  • Be direct, don’t bullshit. You don’t have to get people to like you.
  • Just show up.
  • We owe it to each other to be girlfriends.
  • Be kind, don’t be judgy.
  • Be loud. Be honest. Be bold.
  • Stop listening to the negatives.
  • Shut up…you’re fucking amazing.

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Extra big shout out to my mentors.

  • Erin Condren
  • Heather Sorden
  • Danielle Yadegar.

You ladies rock!

Thank you L.A.
It was great to be back home for the weekend.
Line Hotel…well worth a stay.

Go out and make it happen…we’ve only got this one big life.
Live it your way. Drop the mic.

That’s impeccable.
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