LIVE impeccably

What is your perfect weekend?
Ours is a weekend exploring new places that inspire us and meeting people and places that in our words…”are making it happen”.
This past weekend all started with an invitation from Serena and Lily to visit their new space opening in Westport CT.
So heck, why not!
We booked a overnight stay at JHouse in Greenwich CT
and away we went on Saturday morning.
We mapped a new route to stop at anything that caught our eye.
Although the weather was cloudy with on and off drizzle our excitement for what we discovered was never shadowed.
First lovely stop was in the historic village of Farmington Connecticut, Vivid Hue Home.
What a colorful gem.
Other stops along the way brought us to Bantam, CT and a quant dairy farm shop for ham and cheese sandwich and ice cream.
You must go to Arethusa Farm dairy. Yum!
In New Preston, CT, we found the most exquisite home stores.
Pergola, Plain Goods, and J.Seitz.
We finally rested our heads at JHouse in Greenwich
not before we dined on pizza and rose.
Prudence so loves staying at what she likes to call “hotel, motel, Holiday Inn, say what.”
So all of us girls were very happy.
JHouse is worth a stay. Cool, casual, and family-friendly.
And it is in Greenwich…so what can be bad.

Next day we headed for Serena and Lily in Westport.
If you like anything about Serena and Lily, well, this renovated old home, done all Serena and Lily, will not disappoint.
We so need a project to use some of these elements.
Color, color, color, pops of bright wall paper and loads of shiny white.
So glad we made the trip. Thank you Serena and Lily.

Last stop before our rainy drive home was Terrain.
This is our jam.
We simply cannot describe this for you….you must go there!

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Except for missing an always necessary trip to the Elephant Trunk Flea Market, cancelled due to rain, this weekend was perfect.

That’s impeccable.

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