LIVE impeccably

Confession time.
Back in April, we sat down and made our 6 month goals.
Now it’s time to get real.
We’ve just 2 more months to go.
Let’s take a look at our progress.

Obtain real estate license. Completed course, just having hard time finding time to study and building confidence.
Purchase first Impeccable Nest fixer+upper. Yippee, we did it!
Obtain 1000 Instagram followers. Yikes, this is much tougher than we thought. We have been learning lots and working hard to appeal to our followers but it is slow progress.
Set up online store. We are open for business!
Evaluate summer pop up store ideas. We have mulled around some ideas just found we did not have enough time to develop this…this year. But who knows what future holds.
Complete 6 home stagings. 2 so far….we will continue to explore ways to increase this because we just love it.
Increase website subscribers to 100. Oh boy, we totally over estimated this goal. We have about 12 subscribers. We love working on our blog and will continue to offer inspiration and design love for our followers. Rome wasn’t built in a day,
Obtain 5 e-design clients. This has had a slow roll out, honestly we haven’t really marketed this too much. We need to put more effort here. It is somewhat of a new concept out there so we need to help educate and promote.
Complete 7 original works of art. Again another area we may have over estimated our ability to deliver. Art fuels us…but it just isn’t that simple. We need more time, better space, and less procrastination. What we have done (3 pieces) inspires us to keep keeping on. Must find our groove. Our online store will have our items.
Obtain 1 kitchen remodel. We have one planned for September groundbreaking and if you count our fixer+upper…we might just exceed this goal.

All in all.
Goal setting is important.
You can’t get anywhere if you don’t have a map.
Well, you can.
But there is a pretty big chance you’ll get lost or at the very least wander off the trail.
Besides it is good to check in with yourself once in awhile to see if you need to make adjustments. So goals/maps/visions are good tools.
And remember, you can always re-route…just be honest with yourself.
We will check back in October to see if we’ve made more progress and to set our course for the next 6 months.
Thank you for following our journey.

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