LIVE impeccably

Wabi Sabi Your Life is a great article from Whole Living magazine.

Does everyone associate interior design with perfection?
Are you concerned that hiring an interior designer would expose your flaws.

Honey, let’s be real.
Interior designers embrace all design.
We see beauty in the littlest detail.
If you love something, we love to know…we want your space to be authentic to you.
Don’t be afraid to embrace your wabi sabi.

Here is our old tattered Eames chair, we love it. It has so many memories.
We always struggle with getting it repaired as we are sure no one else quite sees this patina. We might one day give this vintage chair a refresh but until then we would never consider hiding her away when guests come over. We love her.
She is perfectly imperfect.

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Let us know how you liked the article.
That’s impeccable.

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