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Family Photos

I recently had over 4000 photos on my iphone. I also have not hung any photos of my second child on our walls either (well, they were stuck on my phone and in my computer!). How many people fall into this category? I’m sure a ton.

So, I decided it was time to put my youngest on the walls and finally free up some space on my phone, which takes little to no time to do, and it is a task that just eats up space on my to do list. Therefore, I set aside time to upload, and create a “to be printed” album. While that wasn’t quite finishing the task, I went on Snapfish’s website and started uploading and selecting sizes and finally ordered some prints. The best part about snapfish is that there always deals to be found. In fact, my order was 40% off!

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I cannot stress enough the impact large scale photos have in a home, and it is the simplest, most meaningful way to create a home (especially a home on a budget!), when you install your family photos on your walls. The photos just arrived in the mail yesterday, but I could wait to see them in frames.

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As a side note, I always stockpile the Ribba frames from Ikea in my basement for moments like these! They’re cheap, easy and awesome for gallery wall projects. I’ll take photos this week of how it all turned out, but here is the progress we made yesterday!

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Now she feels like part of the family! That’s impeccable!

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Ps. This is not a sponsored post.

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