Lettuce Ware

Who would have thought lettuce-styled pottery called lettuce ware would be all the rage right now.

Well, I guess when the late designer icon like Mario Buatta, the Prince of Chintz, was a huge collector we should have known it was going to spike. His Sotheby auction was a treasure trove of this stuff. And people went nuts!

We’re loving this look so much we might even want to add to our collection, you know, go over the top because that’s what makes these types of collections work so well, it’s with going over the top.

So who and where did lettuce ware get it’s start.

Lettuce Ware

Doris DuBois Thayer Hawthorn, better known as Dodie Thayer, is the one who designed the status symbol lettuce ware pottery in the mid-1960s. Started only as a hobby, her pottery was a hit with the likes of Frank and Barbara Sinatra, Jacqueline Kennedy, and other Palm Beach elites. Queen Elizabeth II even ordered some lettuce ware when she lunched on a set while she visited Kentucky.

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