Let’s get away to The Colony Hotel

The Colony…it’s the escape we’ve been dreaming of.

And what makes it even better is the amazing rebrand of Kate Schelter. Take a look below…isn’t it charming? It’s darling and we cannot wait to visit.


  1. The Colony Hotel has totally made us want to redo our bedroom to create hotel life…at home! This is the new duvet cover we want to order. This too! After the past year, why not treat ourselves to an amazing bedroom retreat. We have been busy creating one for ourselves!
  2. In order to create our oasis, we ordered a pair of these nightstands. They’re darling and perfect. These nightstands are perfect!
  3. Since we are desperate for a getaway, wouldn’t these be perfect? Or this? This too!
  4. This is giving us total Palm Beach vibes…we may need to buy this and run down today to The Colony Hotel. Plus, Kips Bay Showhouse opens this month…we are always looking for a reason to escape! Now, we should stay here!
  5. This light is amazing. We need to put this up…NOW! Maybe you do too.
  6. We recently came across this pendant and this one...it’s a great way to make your home unique, and you know we LOVE this great capiz light!
  7. It’s not only the indoors we should think about, how about these great chairs? Or these for setting up the outdoor space too? We definitely want this. Aren’t you ready to do some outdoor entertaining? Even if we have to be distanced, and limit our gatherings, we can’t wait!
  8. Also, since we are talking about this gorgeous rebrand of The Colony Hotel, order this darling book by Kate Schelter. We will order one for everyone’s Mother’s Day gift!
  9. Lastly, you should join our Impeccable Bestie program. It’s so much fun, and a great place to talk about all sorts of fun getaway inspiration!

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