Let there be light.

When you move into a new home you might change a few things to make it your own.
Paint color. Flooring. These are common new homeowner updates.
Yet what often gets overlooked is lighting.
People live for years with whatever lighting was there on move in day.
Too much of a hassle?
Think it won’t make much of a difference?

Not sure why you don’t change your lighting because that is the FIRST thing we change in EVERY SINGLE SPACE.

Don’t let those thoughts or fears stop you from going for one of the most important design decisions in any room. Lighting. and we don’t just mean for the obvious function reasons. Lighting can be the most stunning visual feature. Ugly lighting detracts from your room like a stain on the front of your shirt. No matter what you try to do you can’t cover it up and it makes you uncomfortable.

Our lighting was finally installed in our client’s dining room the other day.
We created a space plan, furniture/textile selection, paint color, artwork, and overall decorating/staging with their existing accessories. Everything was impeccably set. Yet without the new lighting installed the room was not quite done. Actually the existing lighting ruined all of our hard work. In order for the room to be complete, the room demanded new lighting.
You must admit it just would not have worked if they elected to keep what was up over the dining area from the previous owners.

Let There Be Light.1


Let There Be Light.2

Now that you have had a chance to judge for yourselves, you have to admit it just would not have worked to just keep what was left hanging over the dining area by he previous owners.Trust us. Don’t make this mistake.
That’s impeccable.

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