Mood Board Monday: Lauren Liess Look

Mood board Monday.  Let’s focus on your…



  1. the natural home or environment of an animal, plant, or other organism:
    “wild chimps in their natural habitat”
    synonyms: natural environment · natural surroundings · home · domain · haunt · habitation
    • informal
      a person’s usual or preferred surroundings.

Both of these definitions are the eptiome of what Lauren Liess creates.  Natural homes for herself and her clients.  And not only are they beautiful, they’re impeccable.  She even has a book dedicated to Habitat’s (and it’s a perfect addition to your coffee table collection).

Habitat by Lauren Liess

A field guide to decorating….”a relaxed attitude towards perfection.”   That is the best way of describing her spaces and rooms. We’ve got a crush on Lauren Liess.  We want to be her best friend, and we can’t wait to support her on HGTV either (read our shout out to HGTV here)

Are you familiar with her amazing interiors?  Take a look below:


Lauren Liess

When you look at her style, you will see how perfectly imperfect it all is.  A marriage of natural woods, linens, landscape and greenery, she captures the beauty of her environment for her clients.  A mother of FIVE she’s a totally BAMF that’s got it going on, and brings great design to her clients, and to us admirers.  Cheers to mixing metals, woods and neutrals, Lauren Liess is a Mood Board Monday we can’t get enough of.

Shop the look below for some Lauren Liess inspiration for your home:

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